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May 19

And this is the end of my graphicmob (finally, lol).

#25 Deny

#26 Sansa

#27 spoiler, sorry =____= Arya

#28 Hijikata from Shinsengumi

#29 Shae

# 30 Petyr Baelish


May 11

The hard days are over so now I have to continue my graphicmob.

There are some pictures, that I’ve been drawing these days.

#19 Dis, sister of Thorin

#20 Asha Greyjoy

#21 Loki and his hair

#22 Deny (yeah I forgot about colour of lion)

#23 The Hound

#24 young Albus Dumbledor

Apr 16

I had some problems with my connection, so there is a continuation of my graphicmob.

#08 Deny

#09 Ygritte and Jon

#10 Margery Tyrell

#11 king Joffrey

Sep 30
Daenerys, poor girl :C

Daenerys, poor girl :C

Jun 10

Deny,  Jon Snow, Tyrion and Sansa.

It’s all I can do trying to rest of my studying T___T

May 30

Daenerys Targaryen and three guys from ASOIAF:

that bastard Joffrey, my favourite the Hound :3 and that hard man khal Drogo